“I feel empowered, held, connected, and so in love with life “
— Rachael Grimes

What else are people saying?


"From working with Alice I feel more confident in scenarios that would previously have worried me. The sessions are productive and energising and each one led to a useful take-away point or fresh approach. I felt completely comfortable talking openly to Alice about anything I needed to, and was able to explore ideas I have about myself, and how those might affect my decision making."

Holly Brooke-Smith


“I don't find it easy to talk about my feelings, but Alice's patience and caring allowed me time to come out of my shell and finally put my thoughts into words. Getting the chance to get those negative feelings off my chest created space to question why I was feeling that way, and set me on a more positive path. Thank you Alice.”

Ola Mosaku


“Alice’s guidance on my journey to protecting my space and time, with time-management and conscious acts of self-love, has been invaluable. She created a safe and supportive environment, was an excellent listening ear and asked apt questions that revealed the answers I needed to hear. Working with Alice was free-flowing and organic, yet she made sure we stayed on-track with action points from each session. If you're a boss lady, and no stranger to the challenges that being a woman working for herself brings, Alice is your woman!” 

Martyna Prybyz

“Alice has a confident yet genuinely caring presence and I felt at ease with her the moment I met her. Her compassionate and nonjudgmental listening allowed me to be open and honest about my struggles, and her skilful coaching opened up new perspectives that I had been blind to, empowering me to find a positive way forward. I would highly recommend Alice as a transformational coach. She's walked the path of personal transformation herself and can support and inspire you in your journey.

Shannon Jones

"Alice genuinely wants you to succeed and gently helps you realise that everything you want is possible. She listens attentively, asks the questions you need to ask yourself, and carries out the sessions with a calm radiance. Being able to focus on thoughts and feelings I would normally dismiss or hide away, has led to insights and 'Aha' moments I wouldn't otherwise have had.”

— Gina Walters


“This lady changed my life, and she can change yours. I have met so many coaches, but Alice has something so profound and safe. She will help you transform your life, step into your true nature, show you your power and your gift. I feel empowered, held, connected, and so in love with life after knowing this woman. Thank you so much Alice.”

Rachael Grimes


“When you are the founder of a startup it can be a lonely place.  Having a coach like Alice, to coach you through your business idea and plans, provides you with a vital and valuable insight not only to your business, but also into yourself.  From working with Alice I am now able to take larger steps moving my business forward, as well as having a greater understanding of myself.  I am able to see objectively what I can bring to my business and what I may need from others.” 

Melanie Lawson-Wall


“Alice is a wonderful coach, she is calm and non-judgmental, gives space to explore situations/ circumstances and work through limiting beliefs. She helped me get clear on my business outcomes, as a result I was more focused, and this enabled me to take aligned action towards my goals. Alice takes a holistic approach and also uses other modalities if appropriate during coaching sessions, completing EFT during one session helped me break down a concern I had, so I could approach the situation with more confidence. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alice as a coach to support you to kickstart your business, go to that next level or make any change you are aiming for.”

Anna Jenkin

"If you're looking for a coach, I highly recommend Alice. I felt Alice really listened to me, and allowed me to explore my own ideas, habits, patterns and goals in a non-judgemental way. I really enjoyed our sessions, and particularly liked the practical methods we used, such as visualisation and future pacing, for getting clear on my vision and exploring my options for moving forward."

— Frankie Turner


“Alice radiates high vibrations. I attended one of her workshops and came out feeling recharged and inspired. She is one of those people that has an astute awareness of everyone in her company. She has the ability to emit pure love, thus making others confident enough to step into their own light.”

Kate Francis


“Alice provides a very grounding approach to self empowerment for women. I love her nature and fresh, supportive approach. I’ve worked through a lot of areas of my life with her support, but around the core challenge of ‘putting myself back in the centre of my life. If you’re looking for a coach I highly recommend you speak to Alice and see for yourself.”

Emily Wall


“I used to hold the belief that I needed someone to make me whole. I thought I had let go of that belief, but during a Tapping session with Alice I realised I had not quite given it up. In my mind it made no sense that a person would need another person to be complete, yet I seemed to have stored that belief somewhere in my subconscious. After an emotional and somewhat surprising session, I say it out loud, I write it black on white, I might even get it tattooed (joking not joking) :
I am Whole and Complete,
I AM Whole and Complete,
and my heart is full of gratitude for Alice who held space for me while I came back to this realisation that was within me all along.”

Melissa Tatjyanna

"Alice asks insightful questions and always frames things in a non-judgemental way. The coaching process is quite different from therapy and I liked it.  I felt more in control of the direction of discussion, while still feeling like I had a professional guiding me. I was empowered to change the topic of conversation if I felt like it, and to make sure I got what I wanted out of each session."

— Saffi L.Bennett


“The workshop with Alice was so much more helpful than I expected. Very quickly we were able to review our lives from a different perspective and really hone in on areas where we wanted to see change and abundance. It gave me clarity about what’s important to me in life, and positive thoughts about how to make change happen.”

Hannah Schlotter


“As soon as I met Alice I was struck by her ability to build rapport - I felt as if I had known her forever. Very quickly I also noticed her ability to ask questions with genuine curiosity, which helped me to really open up and get to the heart of what I wanted to work on. Alice’s wonderful spirit and passion for coaching shines through, as does her deep empathy. I would not hesitate to recommend Alice - she is a skilled, fun and highly inspirational coach.”

Pretty Beau


“I have loved having you as my support and guide for the past 6 months. You have always shown up with compassion and a powerful holding of space. Your blend of grounded and clear thinking pragmatism, along with an integrated knowing of the magnetic and magical at play is perfect for me and what I needed during this time. Your emphasis on celebrating achievements and creating structure to fulfil a sense of alignment within has been a real rock at these beginning stages of building my business and brand. You are everything a coach needs to be. Thank you so much for holding space for me to unravel and refocus, over and over and over, I am eternally grateful!”

Raya, womb.love