Transformational Coaching

The power of coaching begins with our relationship. Therefore it's really important that we're the right fit for working together, so that I can whole heartedly support you in your evolution. That's why I offer a complimentary discovery call to explore where you are now versus where you want to be, what's holding you back, and what coaching with me will feel like.

We will work together for 6-12 months, anything less is not long enough to create substantial and lasting change. We will go deep, most likely deeper than you’ve ever gone before, uncovering insights and revelations every session that wake you up to your own life. Sometimes the process will be fun and other times it will be challenging, as you begin to peel back the layers of yourself, so that you can rebuild and move forward from a place of acceptance, authenticity, purpose and joy. 

I only take on a select number of clients each year, enabling me to give more of my time and energy to each woman I work with. Coaching is for you if you are committed and ready to do the work. That means being ready to take responsibility for where you are, face your fears and take action towards where you want to be.  


What you get

  • A thinking partner who really listens and can help you think and strategize more clearly, whose single agenda is your development and progression towards where you want to be.

  • An equal - someone who won’t just tell you what you want to hear, but who sees you fully, your true power and where you are afraid to stand in it. Someone you can share your biggest dreams and greatest fears with.

  • An opportunity to align your values and vision for how you want your life and business to be, empowering you to make decisions more easily and take powerful action to get you there.

  • A chance to bring your unconscious drivers, patterns and beliefs into conscious awareness, so that you can see how your thinking currently shapes your world; what is serving you or holding you back.

  • Safety to feel all of your feelings and explore everything that’s going on in your head, even the stuff you’ve never told anyone before.

  • A deeper connection to yourself, accessing and strengthening your intuition to gain insights into how to overcome the challenges you face now and in the future.

  • Increased emotional intelligence.

  • An understanding of how to set boundaries and create healthier relationships with yourself and others.

  • A pause on the overwhelm and rumination, a space to slow down.

  • An optional introduction to Mindfulness and tools you can use to cut down your stress, anxiety and mind chatter; improving your performance and wellbeing.

  • Optional tapping sessions to help you release trapped emotions and trauma from your body and energy field.

  • A new outlook on your life and business; waking up every day excited and grateful for all that you have, all that you are and all that you are creating.

“I have met so many coaches, but Alice has something so profound and safe. She will help you transform your life, step into your true nature, show you your power and your gift. I feel empowered, held, connected, and so in love with life. Thank you so much Alice!” - Rachael Grimes, Yoga Teacher

“If you're a boss lady, and no stranger to the challenges that being a woman working for herself brings, Alice is your woman!” - Martyna Prybysz, Personal Brand Photographer

Your Investment

My clients invest from £1200 to £4000 to work with me. More importantly, they invest their time, energy and full commitment to their self-evolution because they recognise success begins within.
Payment plan available. 

Next steps

  • Book your complimentary discovery call.

  • If we decide to work together you will receive your agreement and payment method. Once the agreement is completed and payment is received we will schedule your first session.

  • During your first session we'll define your outcomes for our work together.

  • Subsequent sessions will take place bi-weekly or weekly depending on your program and you will have access to me via email between sessions, to share your progress, challenges and wins!

  • Tools and resources will be shared with you where appropriate and you will have the option of doing homework to support your evolution.

Clarity session

Want to experience the power of coaching, but don't feel ready to commit to a programme just yet? Get a taste for the difference coaching can make to your life and business in a one-off personalised session. These sessions are ideal if you have something specific you would like to gain clarity on. Contact me to book stating 'clarity session'.

What can coaching help with?

My clients have come to me for coaching in a number of areas including:

  • Confidence

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Negative self-talk/Limiting beliefs

  • Comparison

  • Overwhelm/Stress/Anxiety

  • Fear of change/uncertainty

  • Fear of loss/loss aversion

  • Relationships/Boundaries

  • Self-love/Self-acceptance/Self-worth

  • Visibility/Authenticity

  • Creating habits for success

  • Accountability

  • Loneliness/Finding love

  • Decision making/Clarity

  • Public speaking/Networking

  • Goal setting

  • Vision & values

  • Time-management/Procrastination

  • Emotional wellbeing

What can't coaching help with?

Coaching is not a 'fix' or a replacement for therapy or counselling. I don't have a magic wand that can solve all your problems, but I can empower you to develop a greater self-awareness and appreciation for the power you have to find your own solutions. Everything you need is already inside you, I will simply show you how to access it. 

Who I work with

I coach women leaders and entrepreneurs, including those in the corporate world looking to become the leader of their own life.  My clients come from a range of professional backgrounds including wellbeing, coaching, tech, finance, government, non-profit, media, marketing, music and the arts. What unites them is that they are all women on a mission, determined to take back their power and carve their own path, fulfilling their potential and making a positive impact in our world.  *A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman. Although my focus is women, I also work with men in group workshops and 1:1 where the fit is right.



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Personal Brand Activation

I offer a limited number of 1:1 Personal Brand Activation Days for coaches, wellbeing practitioners and small business owners. 
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