Personal Brand Activation Day


Are you a coach, wellbeing practitioner, or purpose-led business owner, but despite being great at what you do, you feel lost when it comes to how best to brand yourself and market your services online? Maybe you feel some resistance putting yourself out there. Maybe you've watched a ton of webinars, but feel more overwhelmed than when you started...

You're not alone, so stop staring hopelessly into your laptop and let's work together to get you on track. You're not the first entrepreneur on a mission, and you don't have to go through this on your own. 


What you get

I want you to gain maximum value from our time together, so before we meet I'll ask you to pre-select the areas you'd like to cover and we'll chat through them on the phone, so I can understand your current level of working in each area. When we meet we'll work through the areas agreed, putting together a bespoke action plan and empowering you to take positive steps forward in your business. Some areas we could cover include:

  • Getting clear on your why

  • Clarifying your brand vision, values and identity

  • Crafting your personal brand story

  • Working out who your ideal client is and where to find them

  • How to gain more visibility through guest blogging

  • Marketing yourself on social media in a way that feels authentic

  • Creating cost effective social media content

  • Choosing your website design, provider & domain

  • Designing/editing your Squarespace website

  • Writing your website copy

  • Content Marketing

  • Something you need help with that you can't see here? My aunty always said: You don't ask you don't get!


Personal Brand Activation Day: £495

Next steps

Send me an email with what you'd like help with and I'll get back to you to arrange a time to chat it through. Once we've agreed what we'll cover on the day, I'll send you an agreement and payment method to book.  Your Personal Brand Activation Day day will be held either at a central London location or online if you prefer.


“I was lucky enough to have a Brand Activation Day with Alice last month. I had lots of ideas about my start-up business but wasn’t sure how to bring them all together to best convey them. Spending the day with Alice was incredibly useful and brought me a great deal of clarity - I came away with a clear idea of how I would like my business to look, a plan for the next steps, some cracking copy for my website and a reinvigorated energy to get started. Alice’s ability to listen, understand and reflect my ideas, creating a safe space for exploration, is invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering either 1:1 coaching or a Brand Activation Day.”
— Gemma Kennedy, Body Liberation Coach
“My Brand Activation Day with Alice achieved so much more than I expected! We covered a lot of ground and it’s really helped me remove my blocks around marketing myself and my business. Alice is warm and funny and her relaxed style made it very easy to get along quickly and crack on. Her writing skills are amazing and she can really translate your rambling into something that truly reflects who you are. I would recommend this day to anyone who doesn’t know where to start their business and personal branding. I now feel super energised. Thanks again for this opportunity.”
— Catherine Serusclat, Coach
“Alice has been so helpful in giving clarity to my branding as a life coach. We spent my session focusing on the website content, especially the “About me” section. She shared many useful tips. I now feel very confident in marketing myself online, targeting my message correctly. I would very much recommend Alice and her work.”
— Alejandra Sarrablo, Life Coach
“Written words don’t come naturally to me and they don’t sound anywhere near as eloquent as those scribed by Alice! During the Brand Activation Day, she enabled me to get clear on my ideal client, draw out their pain points and transform this into some fantastic copy for my website. Throughout the process, Alice demonstrated empathy and patience (with me!) as well as supporting me in finding words that felt authentic.”
— Nikki Swan, Coach
“I had contacted Alice as I was lost in my own headspace and had been stuck for a while with regards to my web copy. Alice’s approach is informal, warm, facilitative, and directive when required. She gave informed input and edited my copy right then and there, while still keeping the essence of who I am and what I want to say. She also talked me through my online image, social media strategy, and helped me formulate a list of actions that will work for me, to take away and implement. A day well spent!”
— R Taylor, Certified Coach & Trainer
“My recent Activation Day with Alice was amazing. She had thoroughly researched my business before we met so that all of our time together was productively spent. Alice’s advice and guidance was easy to follow and tailored to my needs. She helped me overcome my fears regarding social media and I left our session full of excitement about the future and with a thorough plan to implement in the coming months. I can’t thank her enough.”
— Charlie Taylor-Rugman, Private Yoga Instructor
“From the moment I met Alice on our Activation Day I felt immediately relaxed and confident it was going to be a great day! I contacted Alice in the very early stages of setting up my own coaching business and while I had been enjoying reading about marketing plans, logos, branding and social media strategies etc, I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed by all the information available and struggling to find a clear starting point and way forward. Alice created the space for me to really consider my ‘why’ and who I want to be as a coach, reflecting back and gently challenging my thought process so that I was able to cut through the fogginess and emerge with more clarity around who I was and who I wanted to work with. Alice also helped me to break apart the ‘mysteries’ and ‘rules’ I had created around how to use social media and writing a blog so that I now have a simple but effective plan, that I feel confident I can implement. Aside from the relaxed and fun environment Alice created for our day, she provided guidance and advice that was tailored to my individual circumstances, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I think it’s this genuine desire to provide a truly personal authentic service that shines through and makes Alice so special. “
— Tina Glover, Transformational Coach
“I really enjoyed my Activation Day with Alice. She created a lovely relaxed atmosphere, in which we could freely discuss the things that were relevant to my business and my specific marketing questions. Alice uses a flexible approach and adjusted what we did to my preferences and my way of thinking. I left the day with a detailed action plan which will definitely help me to stay focused and move the business forward. I now also know which actions to prioritise and which can wait or be given up altogether. The clarity I have gained will save me a lot of time and frustration! I would definitely recommend the consultancy day if you want to learn how to best present and promote your business!”
— Margot Zwiefka, Creativity Facilitator & Yoga Teacher
“Working with Alice was one of the most fun and fulfilling days of my work development. I spent the whole day talking about who I am and what I love to do, and what I want people to know. As we went through the steps she succinctly captured my message. She made sure it was very ‘me’ but did her magic by articulating only the most essential pieces to create impact. She easily blended her coaching skills into the day to elicit what’s true for me, so my message is clear. When there was doubt lingering Alice had a way of reassuring me that I could trust her ability to decipher when ‘less is more’. She knows what she is good at and it comes through very clearly. Thanks Alice.”
— A.G, London
“As I have found making a business plan rather daunting, I was sceptical about how effective working with a stranger who does not know anything about us would be. However, I warmed to Alice from the start and could see very early on that she really knows her stuff. I really enjoyed working with Alice, her insights have been so valuable and have given me lots of food for thought. She is a clear thinker and asked some great questions. Her tips and hacks will come in handy. I also felt listened to, and consequently, Alice was able to help me move forward with some of my sticking points. Alice kept the meeting on-message and I came away feeling she had enabled me to clarify my next steps in terms of a coherent business strategy. The money spent on our session was a good investment.”
— Alice Taylor-Rugman, Private Yoga Instructor
“Before coming to Alice I felt my message and ideas were not clear at all. I was surprised by how quickly Alice could get to the core of what I wanted for my business and how clearly she could articulate my ideas back to me. I left the day uplifted, with an amazing start to my website and a certainty to how I want to move forward that I had honestly not expected. Totally worth the time and I would recommend Alice to anyone.”
— Natalie Lockyer, Coach