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Whatever happens in life, we are only ever destined to become
the woman we decide to be

The sudden death of my best friend Rita in my early-twenties, followed by a serious accident in which I almost lost my own life, just one year later, placed me on a steep trajectory of self-evolution.

In short, I woke up (literally in an ambulance). I became acutely aware of the fleeting fragility of life, and vowed to make the most of mine. I switched off autopilot and took the reins of my world. I began developing my mindset and emotional wellbeing, empowering myself to not only survive the challenges I faced, but thrive beyond them.

As I began consciously and courageously creating my world from the inside out, I learned about the personal power we ALL have to do this, and I knew it was my purpose to facilitate this in others too. I kept asking: Why do we wait for tragedy to strike to start living the lives we really want, when we can do it right now? 

By working through my internal blocks and taking powerful actions, I manifested a profound relationship with a woman I love. I bought a home in London (something just a few years previously I'd believed I'd never be able to do). And I built my coaching business, allowing me the freedom of a laptop lifestyle, and the joy and purpose of contributing beyond my own existence by positively impacting the lives and businesses of the women I coach.

Deeper than all of that, I developed an unshakable inner peace, happiness, and confidence that no matter what challenge I face next I will handle it and I will thrive beyond it. 

How did I get here?

I recognised the power of self-evolution through vulnerability, presence and self-awareness; methods I will continue to work with for the rest of my life.

Why do I coach women on a mission?

The short answer is I am one, and I know that wise, brave, women need support too. 

The longer answer... I was raised by my single mother, who showed me what it is to be a woman who stands in her power, who loves fiercely and who never gives up. I have surrounded myself with women like this in my personal and professional life and I believe every woman has this within her, but only when she is ready to meet herself fully and do the work

Women on a mission are leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers, determined to make an impact in our world. We are women who are taking our power back and carving our own path, women who are no longer waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel but lighting it up ourselves! 

I know how hard it can be, especially as a leader, to feel safe enough to be vulnerable. I also know that our vulnerability is precisely where our self-evolution lies. My purpose is to support you in this journey, when you are ready.  Not ready yet? That's ok, I'll be here for you when you are. Never been readier? I look forward to meeting you. 


A little more about me

I trained and qualified in Transformational Coaching with Animas Centre for Coaching, the world's leading school of Transformational Coaching, accredited by the globally recognised International Coach Federation (ICF). I am a fully certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, having trained with Karl Dawson. I have been a student of yoga, meditation and mindfulness for over 15 years. 

Before training to be a coach I enjoyed a successful career in television as a writer and documentary filmmaker with credits including Channel4 and BBC Three. Moving into wellbeing, I was part of the founding team behind the globally renowned sober rave and lifestyle startup Morning Gloryville, growing from one event in East London, to a worldwide movement in just 12 months. Seeking more time in nature I joined Grow Wild, a non-profit organisation that changes lives through nature connection, where I was awarded 'Individual of the Year' - The Drum Social Purpose Awards.

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